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WINNING G-WAVE 120 (永勝動力波120)

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SPEED (速度) : 9 SPIN (旋轉) : 12

120 is the surface tackiness of the rubber, the higher the value, the more the tackiness.
Feature: Extra tacky surface with extra hard sponge of 58~60 degree allows the ball to rest on the surface of the rubber, while such tacky quality of the rubber as a result performs a super spin.
Despite the opponent’s stroke is extra slow, it can be returned with a strong spin and will keep spinning on the table. Particularly strong topspin, loop-drive, side spin, it can even generate super spin. As the sponge is hard, this rubber is suitable for high-level players. It should be noted that this rubber will play the best performance in 2 to 3 days after use.


Size - MM (呎吋- 毫米):
180 x 180 x 10