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SPEED (速度) : 6 SPIN (旋轉) : 11

Winning NP-6 (half long pimple-out) - a creative design, the combination of long and soft pimples, possesses many varying effects as long pimples while performing speedy attack as short pimples, results in sinking ball that makes the opponent hard to defend and gives full play to the power of attacking players.

永勝 NP-6 半長膠 - 將長膠與生膠結合為一之創新意念設計,產生了一款新型武器 - NP-6,它擁有長膠千變萬化之效果,亦有生膠攻擊時之速度,球下沉,使對手無法抵擋,可以全面發揮攻擊型選手之威力。

Size - MM (呎吋- 毫米):
180 x 180 x 10