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SPEED (速度) : 11 SPIN (旋轉) : 10

Winning NP-8 (short pimple-out) - the formula jointly developed by China and Japan makes a new breakthrough in raw pimple-out covering manufacturing technology. Speed + Spin + Control... no matter close-table fast attack, driving, spinning, NP-8 performs excellently, is definitely the best choice for all-round players.

永勝 NP-8 (生膠) - 中國 + 日本合作研製之配方,使生膠製造技術更有新的突破。速度 + 旋轉 + 控制... 無論在近枱攻擊,快攻,削球,拉小上旋都可得心應手之生膠,全攻型選手之最佳選擇。

Size - MM (呎吋- 毫米):
180 x 180 x 10