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SPEED (速度) : 4.5 SPIN (旋轉) : 10++

To meet the launch of ABS ball, WINNING is introducing a new and more comprehensive grass long-pimple rubber, that possesses both attack and defense capabilities; while ball sinks and is easy to control, increases its stability as well. Besides, the rebound force is enhanced while the tension is increased because of the difference in the formula. For attack, it makes the opponent become flat-footed.

迎合 ABS 球之來臨,WINNING 又再推出更全面的草長膠。這款全新之草長膠是集合多種長膠的特質,可攻、可守;而球下沉及容易掌握,增長其穩定性。此外,因為配方的不同,使內有之張力增強,回彈力亦增強。在攻擊方面,更可使對方反應不及的感覺。

Size - MM (呎吋- 毫米):
180 x 180 x 10