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SPEED (速度) : 5 SPIN (旋轉) : 10++

The latest formulation is developed with strong toughness and strong tensile strength, specially designed for the fast sinking attribute of new material (ABS) ball. This rubber can further shorten the fast sinking time of the ABS ball, make the ball faster sinking to prompt opponent to make a higher ball strike that gives chances to hit, but the characteristics of this rubber also can optimize the attack performance. Fast sinking and rapid velocity, but easy to control, can be said the drawback of ABS ball to be completely covered into advantages.

最新配方研製,韌性特強,擁有強大拉力,專為 (ABS) 新質料球而設計。因ABS球的下沉時間快,而這膠的設計,是要借助 ABS 球之下沉時間再縮短,使球更快地下沉,促使對手要將球升起給予機會再擊,但這膠的特性是同樣可以在攻擊上發揮作用,球速快而下沉,但容易控制,可以說是將 ABS 球的缺點完全覆蓋轉化為優點。

Size - MM (呎吋- 毫米):
180 x 180 x 10