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SPEED (speed) : 5 SPIN (spin) : 10++

The latest formulation is developed with strong toughness and strong tensile strength, specially designed for the fast sinking attribute of new material (ABS) ball. This rubber can further shorten the fast sinking time of the ABS ball, making the ball faster sinking to prompt opponent to make a higher ball strike that gives chances to hit, but the characteristics of this rubber also can optimize the attack performance. Fast sinking and rapid velocity, but easy to control, can be said the drawback of ABS ball to be completely covered into advantages .

Developed with the latest formula, with strong toughness and strong pulling force, it is specially designed for (ABS) new material balls. Because the sinking time of the ABS ball is fast, and the design of this glue is to shorten the sinking time of the ABS ball to make the ball sink faster, prompting the opponent to raise the ball and give it a chance to hit again. The characteristic is that it can also play a role in attack. The ball is fast and sinking, but it is easy to control. It can be said that the shortcomings of ABS balls are completely covered and turned into advantages.

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