About Us (關於我們)

Winning Sports Table Tennis Limited was founded by the first generation of China Table Tennis Team member KWOK Ngai-ping in 1980. Years of continual research and development, the table tennis equipment designed and produced by Winning Sports for other brands have got a lot of praise and overseas recognition. All these years, Winning Sports also provides OEM production of rubbers, sponges, rackets, dividers, table tennis robots, balls as well as all kinds of table tennis equipment and accessories for a number of Japanese and European famous brands.

On 1990, KWOK Ngai-ping created its own brand "KOMANN (高猛)" and "WINNING (永勝)". Since then, WINNING mainly produces balls and coverings, while KOMANN mainly produces table tennis equipment. KOMANN products were gradually adopted by the table tennis sector. In Hong Kong, KOMANN products are widely adopted by the government, stadiums, central people's government liaison office, universities, industrial and commercial organizations, table tennis association, as well as exported to overseas markets, such as: Japan, USA, Germany, European Union, Singapore, and etc. Winning Sports Table Tennis Limited will continue striving to design more advanced and high quality products for the table tennis lovers, to enhance their skills to the greatest extent.

We set up our own factory, covering an area of 12,000 square meters, in which rubbers, sponges, rackets, hoardings, table tennis robots, balls and so on as well as various types of table tennis equipment and accessories are produced. Our factory director, a former Chinese National Team member, specializes in testing racket performance, developing rubbers and sponges of optimum structural collocation, and designing products to meet customer requirements and diverse market needs. He and his team guarantee the quality of our products.

Not only we can provide customized table tennis equipment and souvenirs such as wooden table tennis tables, mini rackets, key rings printed with advertising slogan, commemorative signature table tennis rackets, and a lot more varieties of product items for sports clubs and companies to enhance their uniqueness and corporate image, but also can customize exclusive brand products. Interested parties, please feel free to contact us.

萬達乒乓用品有限公司(WINNING SPORTS TABLE TENNIS LTD)由中國乒乓球隊第一代元老郭毅萍老先生於1980年創立。多年來不斷研究及開發,萬達為其他品牌所設計及生產之乒乓球器材,均獲得不少好評及外國很多大公司大品牌的認同。期間,並向多家日本及歐洲著名品牌提供生產代工(OEM),生產如膠皮、海綿、球拍、圍板、發球機、乒乓球等各式乒乓球器材及配件。


自1990年郭毅萍先生創立了自己的品牌"KOMANN(高猛)" & WINNING(永勝),WINNING主要行走乒乓球和膠皮的路線,而KOMANN產品是行走乒乓球用品之路線。KOMANN產品自此亦逐漸廣被乒乓球界採用。在香港,政府機構、體育館、中聯辦、大學、工商機構、乒乓總會均有採用KOMANN產品,同時更出口至外國市場,例如:日本、美國、德國、歐盟、星加坡等國家。萬達乒乓用品有限公司會繼續致力設計出更先進及優質的產品予乒乓球熱愛者使用,讓其發揮更頂尖的球技。